Why we need to stop talking about spots

TV Spots

TV Commercials on a network, or 'spots', can look really attractive on paper, as they can represent great value for money for your competing advertising dollars. However, it pays to do a little bit of research and not get sucked in to the 'my commercial is on a lot of times' mentality.

A commercial no-one is watching is a wasted commercial.

A lot of the larger agencies like to instead refer customers over to TARPs, or Target Audience Rating Points, and television networks are only too happy to oblige to this, as that allows them to determine that their offerings with less commercials can represent better value for money than the station with lots of commercials on their schedules, but not a lot in the way of TARPs.

We should be looking at TV advertising in terms of Cost Per Thousand

Cost Per Thousand, or CPT is a much better overall gauge of the value of a television schedule, and allows the business owner to determine the quality of their program schedules over the quantity, which can save business owners over the long term for their advertising.

Michael Ryan


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