Campaigning on Radio - Still a Valid Option?

Radio Advertising

Radio is a universal medium that’s accessed at home, at work, and whilst driving.

Most people listen to the radio at some point during the day. Whether it's on while making breakfast or on their commute to the office. Radio can reach times when the TV is off.

The results you receive from your Radio campaigns will depend on at least two factors.

  1. Create appealing and effective spots.
  2. Making an effective buy.

Radio is great for branding, building top of mind awareness.

Radio is background music. And your brand's ability to be recalled is being reinforced.

The radio commercials should be the same commercials that are schedule on Television. This provides excellent impact, reach and frequency, and is a cost effective way to diversify your advertising markets when ads can be placed strategically.

An agency can help you build your campaign to ensure the maximum value is being spent.

Michael Ryan

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