Brand Safety - the Buzzwords of 2018?

Brand Safety

So what happened Facebook and Google?

I thought we had a good thing going? I put my brand in your safe hands and all of a sudden my brand is landing where I don't want it to be? To the point I now have to individually choose where my digital ad spend has to go? Where's the convenience?

In truth, this is hardly Facebook and Google's fault, to a point. A lot of their advertising happens based on computer algorithms on popular content, and this is where brands become unstuck. An article or YouTube video might have a huge audience, but it has to be reported by users if it violates acceptable use standards. It's not your fault either, but your clients can sometimes not see that you didn't actively place your ad in front of questionable content, and your reputation is up in smoke.

This is why Brand Safety is such a big deal.

It's not a new term, but it is certainly gaining traction in the digital age, with Facebook's Cambridge Analytica revelations as well as YouTube's monetisation of PewDiePie and Logan Paul. Now the issue is about whether a digital spend is a worthwhile proposition, despite the risks.

The short answer is yes, even though Facebook and Google are going through some rough patches, they will fix their business models, as the loss of revenue is starting to be felt, but there are a huge range of platforms that can achieve amazing digital results that don't rely on Google's or Facebook's infrastructure in order to generate client results. In a lot of cases, these platforms can drive results in more cost effective ways than campaigns built in Facebook and Google.

If you're unsure what the best fit might be, it's best to contact an expert, instead of guessing.

Brand Safety is a really big deal. But it doesn't need to be difficult or labour intensive. Ask how Barrie Nagel Advertising can demystify brand safety for you.

Michael Ryan


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